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The Josephine

Our Josephine provides the most prestigious level of comfort available. Featuring roomy interior, simulated marble floors and porcelain sinks.


In addition it has large lighted vanity area, air conditioning, hot and cold running water, a stereo sound system, skylights, liquid hand soap, hand towels and facial tissues.  It is perfect for weddings, small galas and VIP areas. The Josephine is truly elite!


  • Roomy interior

  • Double pane skylights

  • Large lighted vanity area

  • Porcelain countertop & sink

  • Fully enclosed stalls featuring porcelain toilets

  • Wall hung porcelain urinal

  • Stereo sound system

  • Climate controlled environment

  • Hand soap, hand towels and waste basket

  • Personalized décor available

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Errico Elite

Luxury Restroom Trailers

Prestigious Level of Comfort

A Division of A&C Septic Service LLC

Requirements: 1 20 amp circuit, 2nd 20 amp circuit if hot water requested and 1 Garden hose connection

Accommodates: 250 people for 5 hour period

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